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Michelle and Jody's Engagement
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Thursday, August 10, 2017
By Elizabeth Kristin Photography
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What a perfect night- in so many ways!  Perfect weather, an gorgeous couple, and such an emotional night! 

Jody and Michelle were arriving by boat to Smuggler Jack's restaurant in Massapequa for what was supposed to be just a regular dinner at a pretty restaurant on the water.  As they were arriving, Michelle noticed the balloons that said "Marry Me?' and said "Someone is getting engaged tonight" not even thinking that SHE was the one getting engaged! (how awesome is that!) As she turned around, Jody was down on one knee with a stunner of a ring.  Michelle was taken completely by surprise!  It was amazing.  Their families and close friends were waiting for them to celebrate (I always think that is a nice touch!).  It was just so sweet to see them bask in the newly engaged glow. 

Congratulations Michelle and Jody! 

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