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Desmond's Birth Story. Stony Brook Birth Photography
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Friday, March 18, 2016
By Liz
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"Wait.  You are actually photographing someone giving BIRTH?!?!  Who would want pictures of that?"  You'd be suprised how often I hear that, but my answer is "Who WOULDN'T want pictures of it?"  

It never gets old.  Photographing someone giving birth is just beyond amazing- actually, amazing doesn't even begin to decribe it.  Its actually inexpressable through words.  

I'm always in awe of the female body when I see someone birth their baby.  We are incredible beings.  

This momma fought so hard for every centimeter and every percentage of effacement, but she did it- and even though she fought hard, she made it look easy.  She birthed a 9lbs 1oz beautiful baby boy and made it look easy.   

Congratulations, new mommy and daddy!  Desmond James is seriously handsome.  


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Shira - Beautiful !!